Welcome to the City of Watervliet NY

Welcome to the City of Watervliet

Most City services are provided through City Hall, 2 Fifteenth St., Watervliet NY 12189.

City of Watervliet meetingsMeetings are held at the Watervliet Senior Citizen Center, 1501 Broadway, Watervliet, at 7 pm.

  • City Council meets the first and third Thursday
  • Zoning Board meets the 2nd Wednesday
  • Planning Board meets the 4th Wednesday

City Calendar of Meetings and Events*

January 2018

January 4 City Council
January 17 Zoning Board
January 18 City Council
January 24 Planning Board

February 2018

February 1 City Council
February 14 Zoning Board
February 15 City Council
February 28 Planning Board

March 2018

March 1 City Council
March 14 Zoning Board
March 15 City Council
March 28 Planning Board

April 2018

April 5 City Council
April 11 Zoning Board
April 19 City Council
April 25 Planning Board

May 2018

May 3 City Council
May 9 Zoning Board
May 17 City Council
May 23 Planning Board

June 2018

June 7 City Council
June 13 Zoning Board
June 21 City Council
June 27 Planning Board

July 2018

July 5 City Council
July 11 Zoning Board
July 19 City Council
July 25 Planning Board

August 2018

August 2 City Council
August 8 Zoning Board
August 16 City Council
August 22 Planning Board

September 2018

September 6 City Council
September 12 Zoning Board
September 20 City Council
September 26 Planning Board

October 2018

October 4 City Council
October 10 Zoning Board
October 18 City Council
October 24 Planning Board

November 2018

November 1 City Council
November 14 Zoning Board
November 15 City Council
November 27 Planning Board

December 2018

December 6 City Council
December 12 Zoning Board
December 20 City Council
December 26 Planning Board

*Some dates may change due to holiday conflicts and other circumstances. Updated information will be available on the front page of the City’s website.

• There are some months that the ZBA meetings and Planning Board meetings do not have an agenda item. Check the front page of the City’s website for the most updated information.