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Veteran's Park Monuments Application

Veteran's Park MonumentsThe City of Watervliet is assembling a list of veterans' names for the monuments at Veteran's
Park to be displayed on Memorial Day, 2018.

Only applications for veterans in all branches of service from 1991 to present day will be accepted. A copy of the veteran's DD214 must accompany the completed application.

Applications can be obtained at City Hall or by online.

Veteran's Park Monuments Application

Heroes Banner Program

Heroes BannerThe Watervliet Heroes Banner Program is a tribute to those who are serving or have served in a branch of the United States Armed Forces and who were born, lived or currently reside in the City of Watervliet.

Families will purchase their own banner for $125.00. The banner will feature the serviceman’s/woman’s picture. along with his/her name and branch of service. It is recommended the person be in uniform and there are no additional people are in the photograph. Sample banners are available to view at City Hall.

The banners will be hung along 19th St., Broadway, Third Ave. in Port Schuyler and Veteran’s Park from Memorial Day to Veteran’s Day each year.

Call Bob at 270-3824 or Chris at 270-3815 for more information.

Heroes Banner Program Brochure and Application