Welcome to the City of Watervliet NY

Refuse and Recycling

Chris Daus, Working Supervisor
1300 Second Avenue
Watervliet, NY 12189

Phone: 518-270-5093
Email: cdaus@watervliet.com

The Department of Refuse and Recycling is charged with the removal and disposal of all trash, waste and recycled items for the City.

Refuse and Recycling Pick Up

The department will follow the schedule listed below for pick up of refuse and recycling:

Monday-Section 1: South of Arsenal (9th Street) to City line (1st Street)

Tuesday-Section 2: Arsenal Wall (10th Street) to 15th Street (both sides of 15th)

Wednesday-Section 3: 15th Street to 19th Street (both sides) to include 12th Ave, Hillside and Wiswall Ave.

Thursday-Section 4: 19th Street to 25th Street to include 10th, 11th, Glen and Ball.

Friday: Both trucks will pick up grass clippings from April-November and Christmas trees will be picked up during the month of January. Friday will also be a catch up day for items missed during the week.

When a pick up day falls on a Holiday, garbage will be picked up the following day.

Watervliet Organic Waste (WOW) Program

A number of households in the City participate in the WOW Program. This is an organic waste disposal program put in place to reduce our carbon footprint and to reduce costs of waste disposal. This is done by separating normal garbage from organic waste, and then taking the organic waste and creating compost and renewable sources of energy. To become involved in the WOW Program, please contact Chris Daus at 270-5093 to get all the supplies that you need to begin (free of charge).