Mayor’s Office

The Mayor is Chief Executive Officer of the City of Watervliet and presides over the Watervliet City Council. The Mayor is elected every four years and the position is part time.

Message from the Mayor

It is my privilege as Mayor to welcome you to our official City of Watervliet website.

Through this website we hope to effectively communicate with residents and visitors of our community and to familiarize everyone with the services and opportunities provided here in Watervliet.

Mayor Charles Patricelli

Previous Mayors of the City of Watervliet

1897 to 1900- Michael J. Day
1901 to 1904- Abram Hilton
1905 to 1908- Daniel P. Quinn
1909 to 1912- Dr. Eugene Hanratta
1913 to 1915- Edwin Joslin
1916 to 1917- Edward J. Foley
1918 to 1919- Edwin Joslin
1920 to 1923- Michael Walsh
1924 to 1931- George Halpin
1932 to 1946- James F. Donlon
1946 to 1967- Hugh Donnelly
1968 to 1973- James Cavanaugh
1973 to 1996- J. Leo O’Brien
1996 to 2007- Robert D. Carlson
2007 to 2019- Michael Manning