To sign up for the City of Watervliet Emergency Notification System text “VLIET” or “12189” to 888777 and you are signed up for our text messaging notification system.

Snow Emergency Removal Policy

Familiarize yourself with the City's snow emergency operations.  Having your car towed is avoidable as long as you follow this policy.  If

Snow Emergency Removal Policy2022-01-19T16:11:07+00:00

Sweeper Schedule and Policy

The sweeper will work in areas that are the same areas for trash removal.  For more information on the schedule and this

Sweeper Schedule and Policy2021-12-03T19:12:10+00:00

Proposed 2022 City of Watervliet Budget

City Manager Joe LaCivita presented the proposed 2022 City Budget to the City Council at their meeting on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

Proposed 2022 City of Watervliet Budget2021-11-19T16:22:16+00:00

Memorial Tree Program

City of Watervliet Mayor Charles Patricelli, along with the City's tree committee, has announced a Memorial Tree Program that will allow families

Memorial Tree Program2021-10-04T13:53:08+00:00

Tree Committee Meeting

There will be a Tree Committee Meeting Monday, August 9, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. at Hudson Shores Park.

Tree Committee Meeting2021-09-28T12:52:47+00:00
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