Water and Sewer Department

Department Responsibilities

Providing water supply for residents and businesses of the City of Watervliet. This department is also responsible for the maintenance of water and sewer mains and responding to water and sewer emergencies.

What NOT to Flush

The City of Watervliet is a member of the Albany County Stormwater Coalition.

2022 THM Noncompliance Notification

2022 Turbitiy Noncompliance Letter

2022 THM NoncomplianceNotification

2022 DBP Precursors

2021 Budgets:
Laws and Ordinances:

Local Law No. 1 – 2007 – Storm water management and erosion & sediment control.

City Ordinance No. 1810 – Prohibit illicit discharges, activities and connections to separate storm sewer system


Water Reports

Annual Stormwater Discharge Reports