Once you find your location you will need to review, understand and comply with the local development guidelines. The City of Watervliet’s Planning and Building Departments will be able to assist you in this process. All business proposals must comply with the Building Code of NYS and Watervliet zoning, planning and signage ordinances. These are overseen by the Zoning and Planning Boards as appointed by the Mayor. Review by one, or both, of these boards may be necessary before a permit will be issued.

Building and Codes

All building permits must be filed with the Building Department (Room # 8 in City Hall) If all requirements are met, a permit will be issued. If the plan requires a zoning variance, the permit will be denied, and the applicant will be provided with a copy of the variance application and instructions on how to get on the agenda.

Zoning Board

All new businesses and development within the City must first obtain a zoning permit. This may include the requirement of first obtaining a variance, special use permit and/or site plan approvals.

For more information contact the Building Department at Watervliet City Hall 270-3800 ext. 113

Planning Board

Site plan approval by the Planning Board shall be required for all new land use activities. There are exceptions. A copy of Article XI: Site Plan Review is available at City Hall and online as part of the Planning Board application. This board also approves subdivision plans.

For more information contact the Building Department at Watervliet City Hall 270-3800 ext. 113

City Clerk

The Clerk’s office issues special licenses:

  • Vendor Permits: Soliciting door to door, canvassing, distribution of advertising material or flyers requires a permit in the City of Watervliet. Applications are available in this office.
  • Café and Sidewalk Permits: The City Clerk accepts applications and issues permits for outdoor cafes that offer outside dining service. The Clerk works with the Historic Resources Commission to insure that proper design furniture and façade standards are met, and work through the planning process to make sure safety, aesthetic and health issues are considered prior to permit approval. Applications are reviewed by various departments, including Development and Planning, City Engineering, Traffic Safety, and Fire Department.
  • Special Events Permits: The City permits outdoor events sponsored by restaurants and other specialty establishments, and fundraising activities for not-for-profit organizations. The City Clerk accepts applications and fees and disseminates the application to the various departments for approval. Pending approval by all departments involved, the City Clerk issues the permit and conveys any special guidelines or requirements to the organizers.

To contact the city clerk or find additional information visit the City Clerk.