Citizen of the Month Nominations

Our community has benefitted over the years through the efforts of special residents in the City of Watervliet who donate their time and energy undauntedly. The Council has determined that these individuals should be recognized. One individual monthly will be presented the CITIZEN OF THE MONTH AWARD by the Council, at the last council meeting of each month.

To nominate someone who you believe deserves this recognition, please complete the application attached and submit it. All applications will be reviewed by a volunteer selection panel and you and the honoree will be notified.


    1. Verified past or present resident of the City of Watervliet
    2. History of exemplary citizenship
    3. Individuals only (includes youth, seniors, veterans, volunteers, etc.)
    4. Must have given extraordinary personal resources resulting in observable improvements in character, rank, position, or achievement to the City of Watervliet as a place to live, work, or play.

    1. Current elected officials
    2. past elected officials four (4) years immediately following completion of their last elected term
    3. Paid staff
    4. Paid contractors
  • Application must be complete and submitted by 3:00pm on the 1st of each month. Nominations may be submitted via the online form or a printable PDF filled out and returned to my office at city hall.

    City Hall – Mayor’s Office
    2 Fifteenth Street
    Watervliet, NY 12189

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